Leveraging health care forte to improve home delivery

If there’s one industry where on-demand and on-time delivery is vital, it’s health care. From medical samples to vaccines, lab tests and critical supplies, Capstone Logistics has served the health care industry for more than 30 years. 

Hospitals, pharmacies, at-home patients and labs have relied on these services during one of the most critical times in American medical history, helping Capstone earn a reputation as an industry leader.

Often unpredictable and spontaneous, the needs of the medical community are immediate and constantly changing. Logistics companies serving this industry must adopt a similar sense of urgency and adaptability, resulting in last-mile delivery solutions keenly focused on quality and customer service. 

As the pandemic has caused the health care community to adapt, it also has affected the way retailers sell and consumers shop. With more Americans working from home, the shop-from-home model has swiftly gained traction. In fact, more Americans than ever are using online grocery services since many are finding their pandemic-formed habits hard to shake.

However, that sentiment is changing.

Some consumers are beginning to view delivery as a value-added service that comes with a cost and no longer simply a novelty. In some cases, consumers have shown they’re willing to spend a premium for convenience and safety. Those limited by time or mobility, or perhaps urgent needs, are choosing at-home delivery instead of venturing to a store. 

“Over time, e-commerce and grocery retailers have evaluated bringing delivery options in-house,” said Derek Ryder, vice president of last mile sales at Capstone Logistics. “However, some customers have learned there are alternative hybrid solutions allowing them to meet daily demands, gain flexibility, while also maintaining control.” 

Many retailers are looking for long-term relationships with delivery partners — not a temporary fix. A partner with intimate knowledge of their brand promise, someone who truly understands the value of every delivery, is now more important than ever. 

This is where patient-customer-centered solutions from health care logistics are applicable to retail delivery.

“Our delivery solution provides the technology and logistics execution retailers need to offer omnichannel fulfillment,” said Jon Rydel, EVP of Capstone’s last mile division. “As online sales continue to skyrocket, improving service needs to be a priority and with Capstone Last Mile, retailers can offer their own branded solution that improves the total customer experience.”

With a fleet of more than 2,000 highly vetted last-mile couriers, Capstone delivers both business-to-business and business-to-consumer shipments for a variety of industries where speed and precision are needed most. Assignment of local operational management and recruiting resources enhances the relationship between the retailers, drivers and consumers.

Additionally, the proprietary MileZero technology offers a white-labeled application that provides real-time visibility and integrates with customer systems via application performing interface.

“Capstone’s Last Mile solution has become much more than just an on-demand option,” Ryder said. “It is a dedicated delivery service, partnering with the retailers, e-commerce consolidators and health care providers to enhance the consumer experience. When the need arises for them to adapt their network, we will adapt as well, such as offering direct postal injection or a co-mingled model to extend your footprint, leveraging our expertise to deliver the highest quality service.”

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